lunes, 22 de abril de 2013

One line a day

Every now and then we all find ourselves thinking in two years I'll be doing this and my life will be like that because we all have goals we want to achieve and dreams we hope come true

Today I came across a very interesting notebook that can help us keep track of this. It is a "One line a day - A 5 year memory book", an agenda kind of notebook that differentiates itself from the ones we are used to in two ways:
1. Every day is divided into 5 spaces so that you can fill in the same day page several years in a row, hence see the evolution with just a quick glance.
2. You only have space to write a line, which means that you can just jot down quick and concise thoughts and/or ideas

I think that this notebook is a great idea, especially because it can help you see whether or not you are meeting your short and long term goals, if you are living your dreams and see how your life and way of thinking changes as the years go by

It might sound like the journal a young girl would keep, but every now and then it is nice to have something to go back to in order to remember how your life and thoughts were at a certain time of your life, especially now that everything changes and happens at the speed of light. If you are trying to develop an idea or project this notebook can help you keep track of it and its evolution too.

What do you think? Do you see your self keeping a One line a day notebook?

- Pilar Lillo 

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