martes, 27 de diciembre de 2011

Tiffany Tips

Today I happened to open Tifanny's web page, and I found something I really liked. They have a section called Tiffany Tips which I would like to share with you, in case you haven't seen them. They might help you reorient  your holiday Spirit. 

As you read them you might thikn 'they are addressed to couples and I don't have one', but take them as tips and apply them to your own personal situation. Most of them can be done with anyone, not necessarily a significant other. These holidays are a time for sharing, don't forget that. 

Holiday Hints for the Heart

Nº 1 - Always have a New Year's Plan. Not necessarily an elaborate one. But a place to be together on a very romantic evening. 
Nº 2 - Rediscover your Holiday Childhood, together. Cocoa in the park. Ice skating. Tree lighting. Cookie baking. 
Nº 3 - Holiday crowds Fire Romance. Funny how it works. There you are alone together in a crowd feeling closer than ever before. Whispering wonderful words. Totally enraptured with one another
Nº 4 - Families have different holiday traditions. Sometimes really different. Don't let this bother you. Just Celebrate the universal joy of the season. 
Nº 5 - Go dancing! Even if you don't know the steps. Dance To Music on the radio. Dance o music on the streets. Dance slow in the snow. 
Nº 6 - Find a quiet time and place. Where you can escape the Holiday Hullabaloo for a while. And just be alone with each other.
Nº 7 - Discover giving back together. Volunteering to help others is such an important part of Holiday Spirit. And sharing your passion for helping people less fortunate can be a wonderful bonding experience. 
Nº 8 - Everyone has a loony relative. Especially at holiday time. An aunt with embarrassing questions. An uncle who's had one too many. A cousin who talks about your former lover. Buckle up and Enjoy The Ride.
Nº 9 - Love seats work. It's like magic. Sitting very close Together on a tiny couch in a room full of holiday decorations and music is truly romantic. 

I think these are lovely tips, what about you? Do you think they'll help you?

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